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22 Tips When You Don’t Have a Clue What to Blog About

Thank you to the folks at Copyblogger for always being

there with helpful graphics and posts when we’re stuck

on writing content, social media strategies,

and growing our audience!

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
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Infographic from Copyblogger


What ideas do you ...

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Will you look back without regrets?

I admire strong women. Those who step out of the comfortable zone where most of us dwell.  Women of courage and determination despite their struggles. Women who set out to follow their passion despite the odds of reaching their goal. These women don’t strive to reach for their dreams for publicity or pats on the back. They do it because they have to. The quest calls to them and won’t stop calling until it’s mastered.

One such woman, Diana Nyad, Open Water Marathon Swimmer, is ...

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Historical Fiction Has It All

When someone mentions Historical Fiction to a reader, their first reaction is often, “That boring stuff isn’t for me.”

It has slipped from it’s light grip on popularity steadily over the last few decades, while the Mystery/Thriller/ Suspense and Romance categories’ popularity exploded.

Good news! Historical Fiction sales are now on the rise. And why not? Historical Fiction has it all.

How is that possible, you say? I’ll begin at the beginning.

Writing Historical Fiction

The expression ‘Historical Fiction’ sounds as though it’s a contradiction ...

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Ways to Tame Your Inner Social Butterfly – LLC

Happy Life List Club Friday, everyone! I’m so happy to be here at Jess’ Happiness Project again. It’s so much fun ’cause you never know what could happen. She could jump out from behind the screen in a crazy costume or bring in a critter she found on vacation, like that baby alligator, and scare the you-know-what right out of me!

Anyway, Jess is occupied now over at the blog of our newest ...

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A Child’s Wisdom

Children have a hugely different view of the world compared to adults. We all know this, but do we ever think about how much we could learn from them? Their view is not jaded, cluttered with bias, hate, or a great deal of fear. They see it with fresh eyes. If we gave ourselves permission to see as they do, I think life would be just a little sweeter.

On my Life List, the last three goals read as ...

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