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How To Stay Sane When Life Gets Crazy

Please Share Share List Sanity is super important to me and , well, I assume it is to you, too. My sanity lies in the details or, rather, in the organization of those details. Before my husband passed away in 2015, he took responsible for  my sanity. He carried a pocket calendar with him everywhere. He wrote down everything he needed to remember. Then, he began carrying a second pocket calendar for everything I needed to remember. What a guy! Now, what do I do? I have lists everywhere but can never remember where I left a specific one . I’ve always been a list-maker, except for those years I was with my husband. Boy, did he spoil me and I loved it. But since he’s gone, I had to go back to being a responsible adult.  I have notepads in every drawer and on every surface in my home, Read More