Punky Brewster Talks About Motherhood

Did you or your children watch the Punky Brewster show back in the mid-80s? My daughter was a huge fan! I thought she was pretty cute, too. When the show was out of syndication in 1988, my son was a newborn and I lost track of Punky.

Punky Brewster, Soleil Moon Frye, grew up when I wasn’t looking. Fast forward to today:

  • She’s a mom of two girls, Poet, 6 and Jagger, 3.
  • She has a history of many television show appearances and roles in movies made for television.
  • She educated herself and became a writer and director.
  • Her documentary, Sonny Boy, won Best Documentary at the 2004 San Diego Film Festival.
  • She has created a blog site, moonfrye, for providing support to other young mothers by giving you a glimpse into her world and those of her guest bloggers. Happy chaos is how she describes motherhood.
  • She has written a book, Happy Chaos, for moms everywhere.

Please watch this excellent short video interview with Soleil:

Once a sweet and spunky little girl, today she’s a beautiful young woman better known as an entrepreneur and social media maven. The co-owner of Little Seed, a green children’s boutique that just launched a line with Target, lives in Los Angeles with her family.

I invite you to visit Soleil’s site and check out her book, whether you’re a young or older mom.

You know I love hearing from you and anxiously await your comments.

Are you a young mom, or even a Grandma, looking for others like you to confide in or get support?





  1. Jolyse Barnett  July 24, 2011

    I recognize the show title and celebrity name, but I never watched the show being a twenty-something at the time. Love the title of her book, describes my life with children to a “T.” Thanks for sharing, Marcia!

    • Marcia  July 24, 2011

      She’s grown into a pretty cool young woman and her book sounds great! You’re so welcome and thanks for dropping in, Jolyse!

  2. jenniefire  July 22, 2011

    The little video didn’t work :(
    I vaguely remember go ‘ole Punky (I was 4 when the show went off air) But I think that’s it’s amazing when people who were given a leg up as child still continue to work. I might have to give her book a peek

    • Marcia  July 22, 2011

      I had to get a different video, but this one is even better! It works!

  3. womenunplugged  July 22, 2011

    I “liked” you on FB and your numbers are growing! Happy Chaos is a superb title for a book about raising children. I should read it. Some days I feel like I get nothing done, but when I look back, I interacted with my kids and what’s more important to me that that!

    • Marcia  July 22, 2011

      Thank you so much! Soleil is doing so well with her site and her book does sound awesome!


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