How To Be A Creative Warrior

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How To Be A Creative Warrior


What is a Creative?

A Creative is one who may wear one or more of many different hats – painter, writer, sculptor, musician, teacher, business person, furniture refurbisher, mixed media creator, or choreographer, for example.

The Creative is a bit different from others in the way she views the world and doesn’t fit in any particular box. People who experience her craft are influenced by her talent.

A Creative is a maker of art.

And the Creative Warrior?

When you read the word ‘warrior’, did an image of a man or woman wearing a military uniform or even animal skins, carrying a gun or other weapons, pop into your head?

That is one manifestation of a warrior.

A Warrior is anyone who has clear intent of purpose. One path has been chosen and will be faithfully followed via determination. She may stumble or fall from time to time but, over time, new territory will be conquered and the warrior will be victorious.

The Creative Warrior designs his life around creating art. That may mean getting up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later than usual in order to fit in time, outside the usual responsibilities, to create. Freeing himself of perceived limitations.

She works to maintain a high level of creativity and productiveness. Yet, she’s not concerned about the profit of creating art. She’ll dance because she loves to dance; she’ll capture an image because photographing children or nature soothes her soul.

A Creative Warrior will look for ways to share his art with the world. When people encounter art of any kind, their world grows in that moment. They now may experience something familiar with a deeper understanding or, it may simply bring a smile to their faces on a difficult day.


So, how do you become a Creative Warrior?

  1. Consider what creative outlet suits you. Maybe it’s screen writing, learning to play an instrument, quilting, abstract painting, creating a course to teach what you know, or becoming a life coach. The possibilities are endless. What is it that gives you that tingle of excitement?
  2. Decide whether you want to develop a business from your creative ideas or will this be the balm to soothe your soul after the workweek is done?
  3. If you  choose to build a creative business and currently have a job, keep it while you develop your creative endeavor. Knowing you can continue to take care of your family and home will allow you to be comfortable taking the leap into your new calling.
  4. Dedicate time for crafting your new pursuit. Maybe you’ll get up an hour earlier than usual or work later in the evening. Weekends may be more flexible and you can schedule more time. Sticking to a schedule will ensure you make progress and, knowing what exactly you need to accomplish in each time slot, helps to make the best use of your time whether it be 30 minutes or several hours.
  5. Recognize when you need help with your chosen path. Take online classes or find a group locally that meets to give lessons, toss ideas, offer critiques and advice. Books on your topic can be helpful in a pinch.
  6. Share your journey of discovery and development with your peers, whether online or face-to-face. Your mistakes are just as valuable as your successes, in order to help others learn or to commiserate and celebrate.


Now What?

Stop back here often. If you need a bit of creative inspiration, some artsy deliciousness to learn or, an image or story to put a smile in your heart and on your face, I’ll be here to share with you.

Check my Pinterest boards for lots of creative ideas. While you’re there, click the follow button if you like what you see.

I’d love it if you shared whatever art you may be longing to learn, currently creating, or teaching.

Do you consider yourself a Creative? If not, would you like to be? If so, what form does your creativity take and does it light up your soul?


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Marcia, congratulations on the new look of your website! I love your theme and wish you the best of luck as you build your following. xoxo