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If you’ve been reading this blog the past year, you know how much I love Pinterest. I think everyone should be using it, whether for fun or work.


I have very good reasons for loving it:

1) It makes me smile every time I peruse my pretty boards and those of other pinners

2) My friends and followers learn more about me and I learn more about them

3) I can share my blog posts with those who may not be subscribers…yet

4) I can share what my books are about through beautiful images

5) Pinterest is one giant building block in my author platform

6) Pinterest helps me connect with potential readers in a subtle way…partly through our love of chocolate, yummy food, vacation spots and sexy shoes, and of course, my boards that directly relate to my writing.


If Pinterest still seems like it might be “too addictive”, a “time-waster”, or too “hard to use as a marketing tool”, think of it as a new twist on the old practice of tearing out magazine pages of recipes, home decor, fashion or inspirational articles and filing them in a folder for future reference or sharing with your Mom or a friend.

Pinterest is an updated way to save info you need and/or love, share that info with friends and you can set aside small chunks of time to use it for marketing/playing/connecting.

No need to spend more than 15 minutes a day there, though you could easily spend waaayyy more than that. But, you’ve conquered your time management issues with The Pomodoro Technique link that I posted here two weeks ago, right?

I’ll be going more in depth about the Pomodoro Technique on October 9th, so stop by to learn how it’s working for me and how it can track your progress and help you plan your writing or any task far more accurately than ever before!


Back to Pinterest – now, let’s think about the “sharing” aspect some more.

Sharing a bit of yourself and sneak-peek info about your books is a great way to connect with readers and supporters of your work. It’s fun and unobtrusive. It’s not like those folks who shout on Facebook and Twitter, “Look at me!!” or “Buy my book!” or the cheeky tweet, “Find out why Carrie goes underground! www.readmybook” Yeah, that really fooled us into checking out her book, right?


Pinterest is NOTHING like that.

I just learned a lot more tips on using Pinterest from a FREE 3-part video series that was posted on called BlogHer Pinterest Master Class.

Part 1 is entitled Harnessing the Power of Pinterest For Your Success.

Once you delve into this video, you will understand the amazing power of Pinterest and why it’s a better bet for marketing than Facebook or Twitter. You will get more social referrals from Pinterest than any other social network, once you are known there.

Part 2 is Best Practices and Busted Myths.

“In this second segment of our Pinterest Master Class, we focus on getting the most bang for each and every pin…Bob Gilbreath, Co-Founder of Ahalogy, gives a working definition of Pinterest that helps ground our thinking of how to best use this tool in our marketing strategy.”

Part 3 is Top Tips From a Power Pinner.

Per Jory Des Jardins, interviewer: “Jill is what I call a “Pinterest Native.” She started blogging at the same time as she started pinning, meaning she didn’t have what we blogging natives might consider a bit of a retrofitting moment with our content, where we had to start thinking differently about how we posted. To Jill, posting is pinning, and everything she does is optimized for Pinterest. Just some simple shifts in thinking can help you generate considerable traction.”

I’ve taken this class and want to pass on a few tips I’ve gleaned and have begun using:

>>> Set up a board for your blog posts, book news and blurbs, playlists, setting images, etc. Use a gorgeous image or a book cover in your post and pin it to this Pinterest board. Repin the image after a couple of days, and then a third time a few days later. With thousands of images on Pinterest, hoards of Pinners miss  a lot of what’s there. Pinning your image 2-3 times over several days will ensure more views without being obnoxious.

>>>Don’t pin just images that relate to your brand/blog/book. Make 50% of your pins fun/pretty pins and 50% about your brand/blog/book. Allow your followers to get to know YOU, the woman/man/skier/gardener/traveler, etc.

>>>Repin other pinners images and “Like” them or comment on them. You can follow them, too. Be a giver/supporter of others.

>>>You have three Secret Boards that only you can see, unless you choose to make them public. Use them for brainstorming a project or allow a collaborator to join your secret board to work with you on a project. This would work well for those creating playlists, book trailers, picture books, coffee table books, video tutorials. Use your imagination.

There is a lot more inspiration and information in the three videos about how and why to use Pinterest to your advantage in building your platform to garner interest in your work. (Here’s one more tip: pay attention in the videos to what they say are the categories that draw the most interest, like recipes, for one.)

Wait until you see the stats they give you about Pinterest in the first video. That alone might be enough incentive to pay more attention to the benefits of using Pinterest.

You can see how I’ve implemented most of these tips on my boards HERE. Notice the arrangement of my boards, too.

I hope this helps you further in deciding whether or not Pinterest is right for you.

What would your goals be when using Pinterest as a marketing tool?

Do you have any questions sparked by the information here?

Will go try Pinterest now? If you already have an account there, can you see ways to use it better?



Please do comment. I love hearing what you think!

Marcia Richards, sexy, smart and strong



  1. Tameri Etherton  September 25, 2013

    I love Pinterest, but sometimes forget how much I love it. I need to watch those videos and check out how you’ve arranged your boards. I can easily lose an entire night to pinning, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s going to become my new treat/reward for a day of hard work. 🙂
    Tameri Etherton recently posted..Post an Excerpt from your WIP!My Profile

    • Marcia Richards  September 26, 2013

      It’s a perfect treat…along with some chocolate and flavored tea! But I think you’ll love finding ways to connect with potential readers, too, especially when your book is published. It’s as much of a treat to do that as playing and exploring on Pinterest are. Thanks, Ms. Tiara!
      Marcia Richards recently posted..How To Power Up Your PinningMy Profile

  2. Diana Douglas  September 25, 2013

    I have to admit that I haven’t utilized Pintrest very well. Its time to start. Thanks for the info!
    Diana Douglas recently posted..Lorna’s Voice, Princess Di, and Me!My Profile


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