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The lyrics, so you don’t miss a word:

“Pieces Of Me”

[Verse 1:]
People just don’t know what I’m about
They haven’t seen what’s there behind my smile
There’s so much more of me I’m showing now
(These are the pieces of me)When it looks like I’m up sometimes I’m down
I’m lonely even when people all around,
But that don’t change the happiness I found
(These are the pieces of me)[Chorus:]
So when you look at my face
You gotta know that I’m made
Of everything love and pain
(These are the pieces of me)Like every woman I know
I’m complicated fa sho’
But when I love I love til there’s no love no more
(These are the pieces of me)[Verse 2:]
So many colors
(I make up the woman that ya see)
A good friend and lover
(Anything you want Yes I can be)
I can run the business and make time for fantasy
(These are the pieces of me)Now I’m gonna make mistakes from time to time
But in the end believe that I’m gone fly
No matter if I’m wrong or if I’m right
(These are the pieces of me)


Ohhhh As the pieces of me start to unfold
Now I start to understand
All that I am
A woman not afraid to be strong STRONG


I’m a woman… a woman… a woman woman woman
Yes I’m a woman… a woman
These are the pieces of me… yeaahhhh


I especially love the next to the last chorus that I’ve highlighted in pink.

I recently discovered Ledisi’s music. To understand her “voice” and her “sound”better, I read a short biography of how she started out in life and how she found her voice.

Ledisi grew up financially poor but rich in heritage. In her hometown of New Orleans, Ledisi was surrounded by the music of her mother’s local R & B group. She imitated her mother’s voice, her stage presence, her sound.

At ten years old, living then in California, Ledisi picked up the mic. Her mother believed in her talent and found auditions for Ledisi. She sang everything from classical to gospel, honing her skills.

In college, she studied jazz and classical music. She found work in San Francisco nightclubs and doing voice-overs. She even recorded an independent album, but she hadn’t “made it”, yet. She was discouraged that record labels liked her sound but not much else about her.

Another bold move, to NYC this time, where she slept on a friend’s floor for two years while she auditioned for Broadway roles. The nightclub itch got her again and she traveled wherever there was work.

Finally, a label, Verve Records, asked to sign her and released her first major-label album, Lost and Found.

She found her own voice and sound three records later – a mix of soul, jazz and funk. A little old and a little new. Her audience includes mothers and their daughters. She’s branded herself to appeal to a huge cult following of women.

Of the song in the video above, she says, “There’s a part of my song, ‘Pieces of Me’, when I sing, I’m a woman, a woman. I love when women sing that line back to me. It’s like they’re cheering on one another – and themselves.”


If you enjoyed the video, Ledisi’s latest album, The Truth, has just been released. Here’s a short preview:


Ledisi, like all artists, had to work long and hard to find her true voice. Through all her struggles she continued to follow her dream, her passion. She carved out her niche, the place she felt most comfortable – in her own voice. 

Writers, painters, musicians, and all creatives hold that critical of all goals high – finding our voice.

Have you found your voice? Would you share your story in the comments?

How do you feel about Ledisi’s lyrics?

Can you recommend another modern-day woman who exemplifies strength, intelligence, and fortitude?

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