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A Child’s Wisdom

Children have a hugely different view of the world compared to adults. We all know this, but do we ever think about how much we could learn from them? Their view is not jaded, cluttered with bias, hate, or a great deal of fear. They see it with fresh eyes. If we gave ourselves permission to see as they do, I think life would be just a little sweeter.

On my Life List, the last three goals read as ...

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Punky Brewster Talks About Motherhood

Did you or your children watch the Punky Brewster show back in the mid-80s? My daughter was a huge fan! I thought she was pretty cute, too. When the show was out of syndication in 1988, my son was a newborn and I lost track of Punky.

Punky Brewster, Soleil Moon Frye, grew up when I wasn’t looking. Fast forward to today:

  • She’s a mom of two girls, Poet, 6 and ...
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Thursday’s Top Ten

Welcome to Top Ten! Since it’s summer (finally), the blogosphere is fairly quiet, so it was a bit of a challenge to unearth some great posts. See what you think.

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