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A Love Story

By February, 1943 World War II had been raging for nearly four years. The U.S. had been involved in Europe and then the South Pacific, since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Casualties created by the Japanese were devastating in Hawaii, not to mention Australia and New Guinea. When the Japanese made an amphibious landing on Guadalcanal ...

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Been Rich All My Life

“I may be old, but I’m not cold!” Bertye Lou Wood exclaims in the film Been Rich All My Life, Directed by Sundance Audience Award winning filmmaker Heather Lyn MacDonald. The film follows five women, now in their 80s and 90s, known as The Silver Belles, who made their way through life as tap dancers in the heyday of Vaudeville  and beyond.

These women started their ...

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Oooh, Sexy! Dance!

Dance…it can be playful, sexy, elegant, romantic. I love all the many styles and forms of dance and I’ll bring you examples of them from time to time.

Some of my favorite dances to watch are the Latin inspired dances – the rythmic Cuban Mambo, the sensual ballroom-style Tango, the energetic and sassy Cha-Cha, the lively Brazilian Samba, the ‘dance of love’ -Rumba, the galloping rhythm of the ...

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The Dance and The Dancer

I’m writing a historical trilogy that spans nearly 60 years from 1917 to 1975. Three generations of young women are born into turbulent times and experience love, grief, betrayal and hope. They are fortunate to have inner strength, for their life choices are seldom wise.

Maeve Elizabeth Donnelly is the 15 year-old main character in the first book of the trilogy. I offer you a glimpse into the persona of Maeve. She is training to be a dancer, a ballerina. You may wish to listen to ...

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Don’t Waste My Time!

Have you wanted to say that to anyone lately?

You have every right to lay claim to the use of your time. It’s more precious now than ever. The second half of your adult life should be laden with the quality time you couldn’t afford when you were younger.

Don’t get bogged down with minutia. you can choose whether or not to:

**be kept on hold “forever’ when trying to reach the cable or utility company. Fax them your thoughts and questions instead.

**stand ...

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