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Charms to Soothe the Savage Breast

As I inch ever closer to embarking on the last year of my 50s, my thoughts turn to anything that will soothe the angst of being an age that sounds so old. I’m working at being healthier and more fit going into my *gulp* 60s.Treadmill

I’ve purchased a treadmill for a no-excuses workout. In fact we’re setting up a whole workout room adding my hubby’s ...

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Oooh, Sexy! Food

 I’m a big fan of sexy foods. The attraction begins with the sensual shape of the food, the aroma that sparks all your senses, the texture as it rolls over your tongue , and the sweet or savory flavor that envelopes your taste buds.

Three foods you may never have thought of as sexy foods have some powerful ingredients to increase the libido and generally make you feel good.

ASPARAGUS – Asparagus “stirs up lust in man and woman,” wrote ...

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As The Eagle Soars, So Will You

Editorial Note: I realize it’s Tuesday and I should be posting writer’s tips, however, I am guest-posting on Nicole Basaraba’s blog, Universe City, tomorrow where I will be talking about 6 Ways to Keep Your Readers Engaged. So today is tomorrow’s Next Chapter of Our Lives post.

Most of us in mid-life are grandparents already, or about to be. We are allowed the privilege of parenting again but, this time, without the stress of careers, budgets, Continue Reading →


Are We Allowed Just One Passion?

I hear people ask others, “What’s your passion?”, as if we can only have one. Maybe we’re supposed to just have one passion and no one told me. I have a gazillion passions and I find new ones often. When I was 19, my passion was riding a motorcycle. The feeling of power between your legs (ahem! don’t go there!), the wind in your hair, the freedom, and the ability to drive forever on a tank of gas was better than s…well, better ...

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