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Sexy, Smart and Single? Embrace It with Barbara’s McDowell’s Guide

I’ve been anxious all week to host my friend, Barbara McDowell, here today!  At her blog, Life Can’t Drive 55, Barbara posts about topics including hiding out from class reunions, an ongoing addiction with American Idol, and on a variety of joys in life.  Please make sure you stop over to check out Barbara’s blog.  She promises to welcome you in and teach you some line ...

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Oooh, Sexy! Men

What is it about a man that oozes sexiness for you? For me, it can be a look in his eyes, the way his hair falls over his forehead, his smile or the intimate way he regards me.

My husband winks at me and I melt…or he’ll stand close and look down at me with a smile in his blue eyes. My legs turn to jelly and I nearly swoon – out loud. If I’m washing dishes, he’ll sneak up behind me and put his ...

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