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ROW80 Progress From The Gimp – 4/15/12

Happy Sunday, ROWers!ROW80, a round of words in 80 days, by Kait Nolan

Yes, call me Gimpy this week. Easter Sunday I was loading some food into the trunk of my car to take to my daughter’s for dinner. I was doing fine until I reached the garage and stubbed my toe on the elevated garage floor. ‘Stubbed’ would actually be an understatement. I jammed it hard ...

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ROW80 – 1st Update – 4/8/12

Happy Sunday, ROWers!ROW80, a round of words in 80 days, by Kait Nolan

It’s been a pretty good 1st week. Take a look:

  • Write on short stories in progress 3 days/week with a weekly goal of 2000 words Didn’t write 3 days but did write to my goal of 2000 words
  • Plot outline of a 2nd short story idea Spent time ...
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ROW80 – Round 2 – 4/2/2012 and I’ve Been Tagged!

This is my 4th ROW80 round and I’m excited to get going! ROW80

I f you’re unfamiliar with ROW80, the challenge that knows you have a life, you can read all about Kait Nolan’s amazing challenge HERE. If you’ve participated before, here’s the link to get started again! To learn more about Kait, click HERE

I ...

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ROW80 – 2/12/12 – Charging Ahead!

If I haven’t counted wrong, we’re about to go into our 6th week of ROW80. Having visited many blogs over the pastROW80 weeks, the consensus (my own) is that everyone is faring pretty well. Most goals are being met, a few have met all their goals during a couple of the weeks, at least.

Thanks to Kait Nolan for developing a vehicle that we all ...

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