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7 Ways to Enhance Your eBook and 6 links to audio/video tools

I’m entrenched in all things editing, self-publishing and marketing these days. I love learning new things!

I’ve just learned a bit about enhancing your digital novels and non-fiction to make them fresh and more marketable.

Here are a few ideas, some of which I plan to try:

1. You know the biographies you write about your characters before you write your story? Shorten and polish them. Create a link in your table of contents or in the epilogue to a page of your ...

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ROW80 Progress From The Gimp – 4/15/12

Happy Sunday, ROWers!ROW80, a round of words in 80 days, by Kait Nolan

Yes, call me Gimpy this week. Easter Sunday I was loading some food into the trunk of my car to take to my daughter’s for dinner. I was doing fine until I reached the garage and stubbed my toe on the elevated garage floor. ‘Stubbed’ would actually be an understatement. I jammed it hard ...

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A Short List and 10 Great Links

Welcome to Friday’s List and Links!

Today’s list  contains only two items – 2 writing prompts complete with a challenge.

The rules:

Take your choice of prompts and write up to 500 words on the topic.

Let me know when you’ve finished, post them on your blog and I’ll link to them on mine.

End of Challenge: May 13th

Ready, Set, Go!

1. Write a ...

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ROW80 – 1st Update – 4/8/12

Happy Sunday, ROWers!ROW80, a round of words in 80 days, by Kait Nolan

It’s been a pretty good 1st week. Take a look:

  • Write on short stories in progress 3 days/week with a weekly goal of 2000 words Didn’t write 3 days but did write to my goal of 2000 words
  • Plot outline of a 2nd short story idea Spent time ...
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Beauty Products Smart Women Need and 8 Great Links

PLEASE NOTE: I am also posting on our brand new Life List Club blog today!! Please go read what I have to say about chairs!

There is nothing a smart, sexy woman loves and appreciates more than products that are designed to multi-task. These are made for us!

I found these three and 8 more at Daily Glow. I just ordered the Smooth Operator. I use the Beauty Balm and love it. There are a few more that ...

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