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ROW80 Update – 4/22/12 – 10 Self-Editing Tips

Welcome for ROW80 Sunday check-in!

I’m getting around a bit better this week but, I’m reluctant to show my DH how much I’ve progressed. Shh! Don’t tell him but, I’m really loving the extra time I have to work instead of being interrupted by cooking and cleaning. :) I guess I’ll have to get back to the routine eventually soon, but for today I’ll let him continue to bring me ...

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The Emotional Journey of Revision

Revision is not a happy word in the world of writing, but it is an inevitable process we must experience. I had a critique done by an author friend  on my first 10,000 words. I knew it needed work even though I had self-edited a couple of times before I gave it to him. As prepared as I was to receive his comments with an open mind, still  I felt a twinge of despair at the thought of rewriting what I ...

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