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7 Ways to Enhance Your eBook and 6 links to audio/video tools

I’m entrenched in all things editing, self-publishing and marketing these days. I love learning new things!

I’ve just learned a bit about enhancing your digital novels and non-fiction to make them fresh and more marketable.

Here are a few ideas, some of which I plan to try:

1. You know the biographies you write about your characters before you write your story? Shorten and polish them. Create a link in your table of contents or in the epilogue to a page of your ...

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12 Rules of Writing from Famous Authors and 6 Writing Links

The following respected and popular authors used these ‘rules’ to craft their own best-selling careers. The quotes showcase the authors’ voices and put a new spin on an enduring writing lesson.

1.  Substitute “damn” every time you’re inclined to write “very”. Your editor will delete it and the writing will be just ...

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ROW80 2/19 Update and Link Luv

Welcome back for another update in the trials and tribulations of my journey toward my goals.ROW80

Updates are in pink:

  1. Continue with my 13-month Health Challenge. Read about that Here.  I posted new goals for the 60 days from February 1st to March 31st in #Hotwriterbods Health Challenge, but I just made a slight change. Instead of ...
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Thursday’s Top Ten

Welcome to Top Ten! Since it’s summer (finally), the blogosphere is fairly quiet, so it was a bit of a challenge to unearth some great posts. See what you think.

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7 Powerful Tips to Manage Information and Stay on Task

information hydrant

Are you a victim of Information Overload? Have you experienced blurry eyes, confusion, a feeling of time passing at warp speed?  Do you have a panic attack if the link you clicked in a blog doesn’t open in a new window, and now you’ve lost the page you were on, and there were more links you wanted to visit, and the ‘back’ ...

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