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A Lake Village Tour

My debut novel is still in the editing phase but I’m getting closer to publication, closer than I ever have before. Yay!

The setting of my book, Long Time Coming, is a real place near my hometown. However, I’ve changed the name to avoid any problems with the townspeople. This is a work of fiction, after all, and I didn’t want to be accused of misrepresenting the town or the lake there.


The real ...

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12 Rules of Writing from Famous Authors and 6 Writing Links

The following respected and popular authors used these ‘rules’ to craft their own best-selling careers. The quotes showcase the authors’ voices and put a new spin on an enduring writing lesson.

1.  Substitute “damn” every time you’re inclined to write “very”. Your editor will delete it and the writing will be just ...

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ROW80 2/19 Update and Link Luv

Welcome back for another update in the trials and tribulations of my journey toward my goals.ROW80

Updates are in pink:

  1. Continue with my 13-month Health Challenge. Read about that Here.  I posted new goals for the 60 days from February 1st to March 31st in #Hotwriterbods Health Challenge, but I just made a slight change. Instead of ...
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Author Interview: Kim Wright

Welcome, friends! I am honored today to interview long-time author, Kim Wright! Her newest release, Your Path to Publication: A Guide to Navigating the World of Publishing, is available now and is a must-read for anyone who has plans to be published.

Kim WrightKim Wright is the author of the literary novel, Love in Mid ...

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My Ten Commandments of Authorship

Who’d have thought writing a book was not just sitting down and writing?              

Someone who has never done it successfully.

If you’re new to writing a book as I am, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information available in the blogosphere to absorb. Everyone’s telling you what you need to do and offering many differing versions on how to do it.

I was spending more time reading pro blogs, than ...

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