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5 Powerful Reasons to Try Black Garlic and 8 Great Links

Welcome back to Friday’s Lists and Links!

Every week I scour the internet to bring you a fun, practical or yummy list. Today’s list is:

5 Powerful Reasons to try Black Garlic

But first:

What is Black Garlic? It’s raw garlic that is fermented. Fermentation is  process that has been around for thousands of years and is used in many of the foods and drinks we consume such as wine and beer, yogurt and ...

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On the Edge of “Too Late”

Are you a smoker? An overeater? A drinker? A workoholic? Addicted to or obsessive about anything unhealthy? So many of us in this country are. How did we get this way? Does it worry you?

From the 1950s, women started working outside the home. Modern advances in medicine and technology made life easier. People moved from the city to the suburbs. Doing things faster became the only way to keep up.

When we had time to make our breads, desserts and meals from scratch and ate ...

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Get Moving!

This is what my husband and I tell ourselves each morning. Retirement has its pitfalls, believe it or not. We have all the time in the world to do ANYTHING within the realm of our finances and imaginations. Yet we find ourselves sitting too much or zoning out in front of the TV in the evening some days.

We have a large house which requires regular maintenance, but the two of us don’t make much of a mess. Jim does go out ...

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Don’t Waste My Time!

Have you wanted to say that to anyone lately?

You have every right to lay claim to the use of your time. It’s more precious now than ever. The second half of your adult life should be laden with the quality time you couldn’t afford when you were younger.

Don’t get bogged down with minutia. you can choose whether or not to:

**be kept on hold “forever’ when trying to reach the cable or utility company. Fax them your thoughts and questions instead.

**stand ...

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Thanks for joining me here!

This is my place for all my random thoughts and some well constructed ones, too. I’ve been blogging since 2005 about health and wellness and life, in general, under a different name. I’ve brought the best of my blogs to this new site and will create many more. I’m trying my hand at fiction writing now and will post my trials and tribulations along the way.

Another of my projects is my sports fan ...

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