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A Love Story

By February, 1943 World War II had been raging for nearly four years. The U.S. had been involved in Europe and then the South Pacific, since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Casualties created by the Japanese were devastating in Hawaii, not to mention Australia and New Guinea. When the Japanese made an amphibious landing on Guadalcanal ...

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It’s 1943. The late night air is cool and damp. Under the yellow glow of the streetlamp, 17 year-old Tom steps into the phone booth and yanks the door shut. The light extinguishes and he’s shrouded by the darkness. Sweat beads on his brow despite the chill air. He grips the dime in his clammy hand, ready to drop it when signaled.

He watches his brother, Dick, tug open the door of the saloon across the deserted street and step inside. The seconds tick by. Frank, the ...

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