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5 Powerful Reasons to Try Black Garlic and 8 Great Links

Welcome back to Friday’s Lists and Links!

Every week I scour the internet to bring you a fun, practical or yummy list. Today’s list is:

5 Powerful Reasons to try Black Garlic

But first:

What is Black Garlic? It’s raw garlic that is fermented. Fermentation is  process that has been around for thousands of years and is used in many of the foods and drinks we consume such as wine and beer, yogurt and ...

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6 Tips on Writing from John Steinbeck and 16 Great Links

John Steinbeck

Happy Friday Lists and Links!

These 6 Writing Tips From John Steinbeck were culled from a Facebook post by Justine Musk. She always finds the coolest things to share with everyone so, I thought I’d share it further…with all of you.

1. Abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish. Lose track of ...

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#HotWriterBods Health Challenge Update #3

It has been 3 months now since Gene Lempp and I began our Treadmill Challenge simultaneously with my overall health challenge. If you remember my first #HotWriterBods Health Challenge update on 12/31/11, I reported as having a rough month. So did Gene. I suppose we should have figured that plans during a holiday month could easily fall apart in so many ways. 

Mine did. December is not only the Christmas season which ...

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16 Reasons Pinterest is Worth Your Time

I hear you moaning and imagine you rolling your eyes…ugh, another social media time suck! Time on Pinterest does have to be managed, but it’s so worth it.

For those who haven’t had the time to look into the world of Pinterest, it’s a social networking site where you create ‘Boards’ or collages by ‘pinning’ images found on the site, on the internet or in your own photo storage onto your board. You can share these collages/boards with other ...

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Realistic Goals Equal Confidence, A Guest Post by Darlene Steelman

Hi all! Remember The Life List Club Milestone party on December 30th? If you missed the party, you can see and hear it here. Well, Darlene Steelman was my prize-winner and (I’m sooo excited!) she’s here with me today to offer her way of looking at goal-setting.  

First off I want to thank Marcia for having me here today. She has such a fun blog.  It is goal oriented ...

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