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Calling All Readers! Big News!

 Yes, this news deserves a fireworks show!

I have just joined Writer’s Platform-Building Campaign, which is a huge group of writers, all helping each other  build that all-important author platform that will put us one step closer to realizing our writing dreams.

Please join me, by August 31st, on the Campaign. Sign up and get all the details at Rachael Harrie’s blog, Rach Writes. The Campaign runs from August 22nd to ...

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Thursday’s Top Ten

Welcome to Top Ten! Since it’s summer (finally), the blogosphere is fairly quiet, so it was a bit of a challenge to unearth some great posts. See what you think.

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Joining Round of Words in 80 Days!

I am so excited! I’m signing up for a writer‘s challenge, Round of Words in 80 Days, to keep on track with my writing. My lifestyle is about to change, next weekend, in fact,and I really need this challenge to keep me focused on writing my book.

My husband and I offered to bring my daughter’s two little girls to ...

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Are We Allowed Just One Passion?

I hear people ask others, “What’s your passion?”, as if we can only have one. Maybe we’re supposed to just have one passion and no one told me. I have a gazillion passions and I find new ones often. When I was 19, my passion was riding a motorcycle. The feeling of power between your legs (ahem! don’t go there!), the wind in your hair, the freedom, and the ability to drive forever on a tank of gas was better than s…well, better ...

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7 Powerful Tips to Manage Information and Stay on Task

information hydrant

Are you a victim of Information Overload? Have you experienced blurry eyes, confusion, a feeling of time passing at warp speed?  Do you have a panic attack if the link you clicked in a blog doesn’t open in a new window, and now you’ve lost the page you were on, and there were more links you wanted to visit, and the ‘back’ ...

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