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The RedHots…two redheads with two different opinions on everything!

Jess Witkins, The Happiness Project

Here’s Jess Witkins. Jess, a feisty 20-something young woman, lives in the Midwest, loves baloney and road trips. She reviews books and reveals her guilty pleasures on her blog, Jess Witkins’ Happiness Project.

Marcia Richards, Sexy, Smart, and StrongHere’s me. I’m a 50-something living in the Northeast. I’m a chocoholic and lover of all things artistic. I write about the joys and perils of womanhood and support writers at every opportunity here at my website.

What the two of us have in common is a love of books and the determination to find time to read often, despite our busy lives. We both love history and traveling.

Our 30+ years of age difference guarantees that, at least some of the time, we’ll have differing views on…almost anything!

Get ready for The RedHots News, Reviews and Interviews!

The RedHots will post once a month on these topics:

  • What’s new in the world of books and writing
  • RedHot book and film reviews
  • Cool interviews with real live authors
  • Restaurant critiques and RedHot recipes
  • And any other topic that RedHot women can relate to

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