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Welcome to another edition of The RedHots!

This month Jess Witkins and I decided to interview a non-author. We each chose cool people from our list of Twitter followers. Be sure to drop in at Jess’s when you leave here  to see her terrific Twitter Tweep!

My Tweep made a career doing something I’ve always wanted to know more about…Feng Shui.

Have the benefits and the proper use of Feng Shui always been somewhat of a mystery to you?

Well, no more!

Please welcome SSS woman, Elisa Cashiola, Placement Designer!

Elisa is going to explain Feng Shui and offer ways we can use it to make our lives more balanced. And, you know, balance is something we strive for, here at Sexy, Smart and Strong!


What drew you to the study of Feng Shui and to creating a business helping others tap into its benefits?


Because of my upbringing as an army brat, each house we moved to had a different energy, and I would spend time making my room/house feel better, even as I grew into adulthood. I would always strive for a balance!

I discovered after college that what I was doing was basically Feng Shui. So I studied it and learned to apply the techniques to my life. I created the business to help others aim for balance and beauty in their home, and to help them solve life issues through the application of Feng Shui.


Can you give us a brief history/explanation of the Feng Shui principles?


Feng Shui’s origins date back to the Tang dynasty in China and it is based on the concept of how the energy or “chi” as it is referred to, circulates around a house or a landscape formation. There are two different types of chi – the good one and the bad one.

The good one makes one feel great in a room, while the bad one will make you want to leave the room or feel generally uneasy and not relaxed. There are also the 5 elements that come from nature – fire, earth, metal, water, and wood – that all come into play when applying Feng Shui. The 5 elements can make or break the feeling of any given room, by how the elements feed, control or drain one another in cycles.

It is my job as a Feng Shui consultant to recognize the elements and placement to ensure optimal flow in a home.


What can a high level of Feng Shui excellence do for us?


A Feng Shui consultation can bring you awareness of what is working for you or against you. Once you have this knowledge, it allows you to understand why you may be feeling out of balance and called us in the first place! 😉

Feng Shui for the home is akin to acupuncture for the body. Clearing out clutter, moving objects around, changing colors, adding and taking out certain things can make a huge difference in the way a place feels.

Everyone who has a consultation can immediately notice the energetic shift in their home. Sometimes that shift can be subtle and other times it can be dramatic.


I’m a huge fan of acupuncture and know, firsthand, how much better I feel when my chi is adjusted. How do you incorporate Feng Shui into your personal life?


I use it regularly, depending on my life goals and dreams, and I make sure to clear out clutter and stagnant energy on a regular basis, for my peace of mind. If I want to change some aspect of my life, such as receiving extra help from friends or a new client/referral to boost my business, I would focus on my helpful people/travel area and make sure there’s no blockages there to ensure a smoother flow.


Usually the placement of furniture in, say, our bedrooms or kitchens is dictated by the room’s dimensions and shape. Can you give us some tips on designing a room that has good Feng Shui?


The first thing is to clear out any clutter and unwanted/broken stuff that you no longer need. Clearing out the old welcomes in the new energy.

The second is to ensure correct placement of the big stuff such as a bed. The rest, such as changing colors and accessories, comes next.

You want to strive for balance of the elements in any given room, rather than going to the extreme with one particular color or element. It can be overpowering and have a negative effect on people.


This can be a stressful time of year. What can we do during the holiday season to maximize Feng Shui and create more balance in our homes and workplaces?


Since Christmas trees and decorations take up extra space, its important to put away some stuff or smaller pieces of furniture to allow room to breathe, otherwise it feels “stuffy” or a bit overwhelming. The best colors to add for Christmas fall on the warmer color spectrum – the golds, reds, greens, and purples.

Some go for the white and silver look – which is fine, as long as there are warmer colors, such as champagne or berry to prevent that feeling of coldness. Since winter time is cold and bleak enough already, color will definitely warm it up!

Having light is another huge factor – to brighten up the long nights, and convey that feeling of warmth again.


What else can we do (besides extra playtime with Hubs) to improve our chi?


It is so important for women (and men, too!) to take care of and empower themselves! I see a lot of people wearing too much black and that is a negative and energetically draining color.

Often when I suggest adding their lucky Kua number to their personal wardrobe (think lingerie, jewelry, even socks!) it gives them a sense of confidence and helps them deal with making positive changes internally, and in turn, increases their energy levels.

A red or hot pink pair of panties is definitely much sexier than black ones! And the best part is no one has to know what colors are underneath, just you and that is what is empowering.

As for the body, mind, and soul – detoxing with salt baths, herbal teas, certain foods to flush out toxins, as well as meditation, massages, yoga, writing out stuff in a journal, cutting back on sugar, alcohol, etc., seeking help from others for greater well-being are ways to improve our chi.


Oooh, I so agree that color can be empowering! We talk about empowerment frequently here on the Sexy, Smart and Strong Blog!

Thanks for one more great reason to pamper and care for ourselves with massages, journaling and healthy foods, etc.!


Elisa mentioned your “lucky Kua number”. Here’s how to calculate yours:

Kua number for women:

  • ~Add the last two numbers of your year of birth and bring it to a single digit.
  • ~Add your single digit to number 5.
  • ~This is your Kua Number

Kua number for men:

  • ~Add the last two numbers of your year of birth and bring it to a  single digit.
  • ~Deduct your single digit from number 10.
  • ~This is your Kua Number

For a chart of your lucky directions based on your Kua number click on’s and Rodika Tchi’s Feng Shui article HERE.


Elisa, I have two cats so I was wondering whether they fit the role of a Feng Shui benefit?

Yes, pets make great Feng Shui since they help to keep energy flowing and also bring love and a playful attitude! They keep us active, though anyone who dislikes cats would say otherwise!!! LOL.  (I love cats!)
Feng Shui can be applied to where their bed is located as well as litter boxes. It depends on the house/storage/bathroom/etc. Keeping the house diligently clean of pet hair can greatly help the flow of energy, since buildup of pet hair can cause stagnation and funky smells.


What can you tell us about yourself that might surprise us?


I am profoundly deaf and read lips well, and having that hearing loss has helped me to tune in visually to people and their environments more than hearing people would, and I believe that is an asset to my profession!

Wow, you really are an SSS woman letting nothing get in the way of pursuing your dream career!


Thank you for talking with us today, Elisa!


If you’d like more information on Feng Shui, you can find Elisa at her website and on Twitter.


After visiting Elisa’s site, I’ve found out that my office is in the wealth area of my house. I need to move my cash box to the far left corner of the room AND clear all the clutter!

Go check out her Placement Design Grid and find out where your rooms are situated on the grid! Then go to the Q & A section to learn more!


Elisa Cashiola, Placement designerElisa Cashiola is a placement designer who blends Feng Shui, color, symbolism, and interiors in the home. She received a Bachelor’s in Art and Design from Frostburg State University and trained through the New England School of Feng Shui in CT. With her background in art and visual merchandising, she helps you to achieve beauty and balance in your home. She draws flowers and writes in her spare time, as well as spending time with her fiance and their dog, an Australian Cattle breed.


Do you practice Feng Shui in your life? Maybe you have used some of the principles without realizing it?

We’d love for you to share how it does or could impact the balance in your life!

Do you have a question for Elisa?



  1. Jolyse Barnett  December 10, 2012

    I’m so thankful I read this interview! I am a seeker of an uncluttered life, and believe strongly in negative and positive energies affecting us. This gives me renewed commitment to cleaning up my little piles of clutter in the kitchen (paperwork from the day job and my writing) and my bedroom (folded laundry and books). I’m off to visit Elisa’s website right now. Thanks again. 🙂
    Jolyse Barnett recently posted..Key West Couplets — Part OneMy Profile

    • Marcia Richards  December 10, 2012

      Hi Jolyse! Gosh I miss you! I haven’t been able to get around to blogs much the last few months but I will stop over at yours soon! Thanks for coming by and I’m glad you enjoyed Elisa’s info. I’ve been running around here, too, picking up and clearing things away. lol
      Marcia Richards recently posted..Christmas Shopping? Try Buying American!My Profile

  2. Tameri Etherton  December 1, 2012

    What a fascinating interview, Marcia! I’ve always been interested in Feng Shui, but haven’t spent too much time redoing my house for it. However, when I move something, I always thing about the energy of the room and how it makes me feel.

    I’ve never heard of a kua number. If I understood the directions right, then my number is 7, which I’ve always thought to be my lucky number ~ ever since I was a little kid. I find that very interesting! Perhaps Feng Shui is more intuitive than I thought.

    I need to hop on over to Elisa’s website to find out more from this very fascinating woman!
    Tameri Etherton recently posted..Favorite Holiday Movies ~ It’s Tradition!My Profile

    • Elisa Cashiola  December 1, 2012

      Hi Tameri,

      Nice to meet you! Thank you for dropping in and sharing your thoughts! Yes, the Kua # is also called the Gua # and it is part of feng shui – there are different forms of feng shui – classical, flying stars, black sect, bazi astrology and so on – but the Kua is based on your year of birth. It is helpful to know your Kua so that you can tap into those energies aligned with your year of birth for greater success. 7 is definitely a spiritual number – connect to the water when possible – such as swimming, the lake, ocean, etc. Hope that helps!
      Happy holidays!

    • Marcia Richards  December 1, 2012

      It’s funny that you mention your lucky number turning out to be your kua number. My kua number is 12 and I was born on December 12th. It hasn’t been particularly lucky for me but maybe I can change that if I learn more about feng shui. thanks for coming by Tameri!
      Marcia Richards recently posted..Meet My Terrific Twitter Tweep and Learn Something New!My Profile

  3. Kate MacNicol  December 1, 2012

    What fun Marcia! I truly enjoyed your questions and Elisa’s answers. It just so happens that I decorated my fireplace mantle today and I did some very simple gold and cream vases with twigs, pinecones and a touch of green and it looked and felt better than the color dense decor that I have used in previous years. It’s kind of funny because although the other decor looked nice and people commented on it, it didn’t feel right to me. This feels so much better and I now know from reading your blog that it’s probably because of the creamy white/soft gold addition. Fun! Now you have my interest up I plan on learning more. Thanks ladies!
    Kate MacNicol recently posted..Kate’s Quickies: Writing ForwardMy Profile

    • Elisa Cashiola  December 1, 2012

      Hi Kate,
      Thanks for commenting! The cream and gold sounds so pretty and I am sure it made a difference! It is certainly on the warmer spectrum than stark white. Glad to know that you went with your gut feeling on that one! 🙂 Thank you again for stopping by and happy holidays!

    • Marcia Richards  December 1, 2012

      Ooh, Kate, it sounds gorgeous! Post pics on your blog! So glad you’re going with what feels good. I think feng shui is intuitive for most of us. Have fun poking around on Elisa’s site!
      Marcia Richards recently posted..Meet My Terrific Twitter Tweep and Learn Something New!My Profile

  4. Elisa Cashiola  November 30, 2012

    Hi Renee and Marcia,

    What a great story about adding an extra window to the bedroom – it is so true that having that extra light in an otherwise dark place can change the feel immediately! Do you still practice feng shui for yourself, Renee?

    Marcia, I want to thank you and Jess so much for this opportunity to connect and share with your readers and this has been a fun interview too!! 🙂 Love how you inspire us all to be smart, strong and sexy!


  5. Diana Douglas  November 30, 2012

    I’m a definite believer in Chi. I use accupressure bands to help combat a constant motion sickness/balance disorder that’s caused by nerve compression. I wouldn’t be able to live a normal life without it.
    Elisa, thanks for taking the time to enlighten us. I’m going to pop on over to your site and see what else I can learn.
    Diana Douglas recently posted..It’s Thursday! Time to Light Up the Blogosphere! 11/29/12My Profile

    • Elisa Cashiola  November 30, 2012

      Hi Diana,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I have to see what acupressure bands are all about, as I’ve never heard of them before? Please do stop by and read some posts I have! Thank you again 🙂


  6. Marcia Richards  November 30, 2012

    Hi Elisa! *waving*
    Thanks so much for agreeing to be interviewed and for teaching us all a bit of the art of feng shui.
    Marcia Richards recently posted..Meet My Terrific Twitter Tweep and Learn Something New!My Profile

    • Elisa Cashiola  November 30, 2012

      *waving big* Hi Marcia!

      Just now seeing the new comments being posted as I post mine! LOL! You’re welcome and it was my pleasure to be part of this! 🙂

  7. Jess Witkins  November 30, 2012

    This makes a lot of sense to me because I have to wear black to work and when I finally get my days off, or really even when I get home, I’m changing into color first thing!

    So I’ve got that down, but now to tackle all the clutter in my room… *shifts eyes*

    Elisa, thank you for being a part of our Redhots series! Such fun getting to know you!
    Jess Witkins recently posted..Redhot Women: We Met Them on TwitterMy Profile

    • Elisa Cashiola  November 30, 2012

      Hi Jess,

      I know what you mean about wearing black to work, I had to do the same back in my “youthful” 20’s working in visual merchandising! I got so sick of it…! I really wish companies would take black out of their company attire and replace with navy blue instead, which seems a less draining color but dark enough…..definitely wear color underneath to make you feel better!
      Thanks for welcoming me here as part of your RedHot series and I really enjoyed doing this with you and Marcia!

  8. Inion N. Mathair  November 30, 2012

    Wow! How interesting. We definitely need a healthy dose of Feng Shui. We have a five person family living in a 1200 square foot home and things can get quite cluttered and cramped. My mother and I have turned my bedroom into our writing room/office and I’ve noticed, though it is tight, I’ve grown comfortably at ease surrounded by my work. Especially when we decided to recolor my room in earth tones. There’s just a sense of peace about me now.
    The idea for warm colors on Christmas was interesting. Mathair prefers the traditional cranberry red and dark green, but I decorate my room in silver, blue and white, because it seems to pop in our predominantly red home. She made a statement, not too long ago, that my room looked icy and cold. I think I’ll use your idea of purple to warm things up a bit, Elisa.
    Great interview, Marcia.
    Inion N. Mathair recently posted..Let’s Get Ready To Rumble: Battle One: Killing CharactersMy Profile

    • Elisa Cashiola  November 30, 2012

      Hi Inion! Thank you for sharing your story about your house and Xmas decorations! Yes, it can be cramped with more people since it means more stuff! 😉 People do feel better when old/unused things get taken out/thrown away. Glad to hear that your home office feels better with the new colors – you can always apply the placement grid to your office as well! Thank you for stopping by and have a happy holidays!


    • Marcia Richards  November 30, 2012

      Thanks so much for coming by and glad you enjoyed learning a little more about feng shui! I do a special tree in white and silver every year but my ornaments have red ribbons and the tree, of course, is green. It really does work to keep it from being too cold…it’s more sparkly and vibrant with some warm color. Have fun with your new direction in decorating!

  9. K.B. Owen  November 30, 2012

    Hi, Elisa! Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed. This is all fascinating stuff. I can’t say that I’m totally on-board with things like chis and auras, but I am very sensitive to my environment, and have a low tolerance for clutter (which was a challenge while raising three boys, LOL). And I agree that the colors/arrangement of a room can definitely set a positive or negative mood/comfort level.

    I wanted to share something with you that I thought was interesting. A long while back, I was really into those little indoor fountains. I found them very soothing to listen to and watch. (Once we even had one with a cool spinning ball on top, where the ripple of water was very quiet, but the pump eventually died on that one). Anyway, the strange thing is that, over time, I started to find the sounds of the fountain annoying. I finally took it down and packed it away.

    A long time after that, I read something about the use of fountains in feng shui – that those little fountains are used to “balance” something that is wrong with the room, and that you would know when that was accomplished because the fountain sounds would start to become intrusive in the room, and then you just remove the fountain. What are your thoughts?

    Thanks to you and Marcia for a fun topic!
    K.B. Owen recently posted..19thc Winter Holiday – SleddingMy Profile

    • Elisa Cashiola  November 30, 2012

      Welcome Kathy! it sounds like you are in tune with your environment, and a healthy sense of what feels good and what doesn’t, especially when kids are involved! The toys and clutter can escalate quickly and so important to keep it under control! 🙂 As for the fountains, they do bring in the water element, which is often missing in several homes. They “activate” the energy in a particular area, such as the wealth area – which is the most common area to place one – because of the moving motion. When energy moves, it brings opportunities. When it is not moving, it creates a “stuck” feeling. Where is your fountain located? I would not place it in the bedroom at all or in the fame and love/relationship area, either. The most appropriate spot for it is in a living room, office or foyer area. I have not heard about fountains “balancing” the room or removing it once it is intrusive. You can simply put it away/bring it out whenever you want to activate a particular area for a boost.

      Thank you for sharing and stopping by!! 🙂 Happy holidays!

    • Marcia Richards  November 30, 2012

      Oh, wow, Kathy! That’s so interesting! I never thought much about balance int he home until a few years ago. What a difference it can make. Glad you enjoyed meeting Elisa!

  10. Renee A. Schuls Jacobson  November 30, 2012

    Dagnabit! I put in the wrong info or something!
    Renee A. Schuls Jacobson recently posted..I Missed You. Did You Even See Me?My Profile

  11. Renee Schuls-Jacobson  November 30, 2012

    I used to work as a Professional Organizer, and I was very interested in the tenets on feng shui. I was able to convince a clinically depressed client that her bedroom felt wrong and that she REALLY needed an extra window put in for balance. She put it in, and — if you can believe it — she said her whole life changed. She got off her medications. When I run ino her, she always says I changed her life, but it was the feng shui. I can just FEEL that stuff when I go in a room.

    Meanwhile, Marcia, just so you don’t think I’m copying…I decided to interview non-bloggers who are top commenters starting in the new year! I guess great minds think alike. I’m only doing it once a month, but I thought I’d let you know!
    Renee Schuls-Jacobson recently posted..I Missed You. Did You Even See Me?My Profile

    • Marcia Richards  November 30, 2012

      That’s an amazing story, Renee! You helped her and you must feel great knowing she’s doing better! Can you come to my house next week? We’re only a few short hours apart. Please, please? Well, someday, maybe.

      I think interviewing non-bloggers is a fantastic idea, Renee! I won’t call you a copycat but I will look forward to your interviews to see who you choose each month!
      I’ve enjoyed interviewing twitter followers and would like to continue that…I think Jess will agree, it’s fun to bring on people who our readers might not have met otherwise. And I’m all about Sexy, Smart and Strong inspiring women!


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