Between the End and The Beginning

Happy Holiday week!

We’re floating in the middle of the week that signifies the end of the 2012 holiday season and the beginning of the new year.

Are you feeling the letdown after all the activity of preparing for Christmas? Maybe your activity hasn’t slowed at all but is gearing up for New Year’s Eve and Day celebrations?

Wherever you are in this final week of 2012, my wish for you is to find time to reflect on the past year and plan for the next.

Take time to relive all the happy moments you experienced…all those giddy, playful times you want to lock away in your mental scrapbook.


Christmas Tree


Done? Good. Let’s get down to business.

Sit down with pen and paper or your computer and compile a list of all that you accomplished. The next lists will be for all those things you did right (on time, without procrastinating or do-overs, etc) and all the things you could have done better.

Read the ‘done-well’ list carefully and try to replicate your successes in the coming year. Make notes for future similar projects as to what worked and what didn’t.

Peruse the ‘not-so-good’ list and pick out the mistakes you made. Make notes on how you can improve your technique next year.


My own lists are long, especially the ‘not-so-good’. I’m not unhappy about that because in looking back at the things I could have done better, I’ve learned so much about myself and how I work.

You will, too. Take all you’ve learned from your mistakes and create a new list – a ‘how-to-work-smarter’ for next year’s projects.


One of the best things I did for myself in 2012 was allow myself the time to enjoy December birthdays and Christmas. I took the time I needed to shop, plan, and party instead of stressing about getting it all done, as well as working my butt off. I was sick with a couple different upper respiratory infections throughout the month, so I was happy to have an extremely light work schedule and plenty of time to rest.

I have tons of ideas to make 2013 a fun, productive and lucrative year!

There is one idea, in particular, that I want to tell you all about.

I’ll share all the details in this month’s newsletter, coming out on December 31st.

Enjoy the after glow of Christmas as you head for New Year’s Eve! I wish you a safe and healthy New Year celebration.

For a powerful message on how to do that, please read Natalie Hartford’s post HERE.

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  1. Jess Witkins  December 28, 2012

    Hmm, what do you have cooking up now, Ms. Richards?
    Jess Witkins recently posted..Holiday Yum: Pumpkin-Curry Chicken and Blue Cheese BreadMy Profile

  2. Natalie Hartford  December 27, 2012

    Here’s to a rockin’ 2013 Marcia….I have no doubt you’ll blow it out of the water.

    Thanks so much for the shout out…really appreciate the support. Here’s to your uberlicious success and ridiculous happiness!!! 🙂
    Natalie Hartford recently posted..This holiday season…please don’t drink and driveMy Profile

  3. Patricia Sands  December 27, 2012

    I hope you are fully recovered and thoroughly enjoying the holidays, Marcia!
    Patricia Sands recently posted..And a merry, merry, happy, happy, ho, ho, ho to you!My Profile

    • Marcia Richards  December 27, 2012

      Thanks, Patricia! I’m mostly recovered. I was able to thoroughly enjoy the holidays, except for the drive home from upstate. Very bad weather but we made home safely with the grandgirls! Happy New Year!
      Marcia Richards recently posted..Between the End and The BeginningMy Profile

  4. Jolyse Barnett  December 26, 2012

    Hi Marcia,

    Today our family is experiencing a happy lull between celebrations. We had the celebration and excitement of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Now, we are roasting a chicken for dinner, watching the foul weather outside while we read, play with our new gadgets, and watch movies. Tomorrow we have more relatives coming into town for Christmas #2, and then a final Christmas celebration next week after the new year. It truly is a wonderful time of the year.

    I’ll take your advice and list all my accomplishments and no-so-successful endeavors from 2012. One item on my to-do list plaguing me in recent months was figuring out how to connect my domain with my WP blog. Turns out, it was very easy. I just needed to put my mind to it and not fear the technology. 🙂

    Happy New Year!!!
    Jolyse Barnett recently posted..Key West Couplets–The EndMy Profile

    • Marcia Richards  December 27, 2012

      Wow, lots of celebrations for you, Jolyse! Enjoy! You can do anything you put your mind to. We all can and we just need a quiet place to absorb the directions. Have a wonderful New Year!
      Marcia Richards recently posted..Between the End and The BeginningMy Profile

  5. Diana Douglas  December 26, 2012

    I’m hopeful that ’13 will be a year of happiness, good health and prosperity for us all.
    Diana Douglas recently posted..Lighting Up the Blogosphere Holiday Style 12/20/2012My Profile

  6. Sheila Seabrook  December 26, 2012

    Happy holidays, Marcia. I’m gearing up for 2013 too, but not till after today. 🙂 Still visiting with family and friends, and of course, eating way too much good food.
    Sheila Seabrook recently posted..The Valentine Grinch Is Here!My Profile

    • Marcia Richards  December 27, 2012

      I hope your plans for 2013 go well, Sheila! I have my grandgirls with me this week, so I’ll just be jotting notes in those spare minutes for my new year plan. Happy New Year!
      Marcia Richards recently posted..Between the End and The BeginningMy Profile


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