The Zen of Cocktails and High Heels

 As I write this, I’m alternating from a yoga pose to a meditation pose. Just to keep the Zen fresh.

Zen originated in China during the 6th century.

Westerners have tweaked the Buddhist zen beliefs to suit our perceptions. We believe it is our own fountain of psychic energy bursting from within, allowing our true self to emerge.

You’re wondering how I will relate something as ethereal as zen to material objects like shoes and alcohol, right? (Oh, Ye of little faith. LOL)

Is not our confidence and joy part of our true selves?

When do we feel confident and happy?

When we see the smiles on the faces of our family and friends whom we have gathered together for food and drink, laughter and reminiscing. When we’re out dancing at a cocktail party or home feeding our extended family our best holiday recipes. And when we’re dressed in clothes that are not our around-the-house sweats or the nightgown we wore all day because we got busy cleaning and forgot to change…(oops, that was probably just me).

Holiday parties at home or nights out with those we love give us the opportunity to be our best – we dress up ourselves, our meals, our homes and our attitudes. We step out of the ordinary and enjoy the party atmosphere.

The Cocktail – pretty, feminine, deliciously decadent. It brings out the party girl, the socialite, the daring confidence…the sexy, smart and strong woman  that you are.


 The High Heels – there’s something about the height they give you and the way your calves look in heels that makes you feel sexy and strong. Black or red pumps inject you with a feeling of power and strength. Strappy sandals send a flirty message. Off-white platform suede or rhinestone-studded heels are nothin’ but sexy!white two-strap stilettos

 Holidays alternate as busy and stressful with fun and memorable.
Add a little zen-time – look good, feel good, eat well and sleep well.


I’ll leave you with a short video of holiday beverages.


How do you add zen to your holidays? Please share!


Marcia Richards, sexy, smart and strong



  1. Jess Witkins  November 22, 2012

    Happy Thanksgiving Marcia! Of course you’d share with us amazing looking guilty pleasures! I could totally go for a cocktail now.
    Jess Witkins recently posted..What the Music Industry Can Teach Us About the Publishing One, Part 1My Profile

  2. Diana Douglas  November 21, 2012

    I’ll have to pass on the yoga & heels (balance issues) but the cocktail looks awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Diana Douglas recently posted..Self-Publishing on Amazon #5 With Over a Million Titles in the Kindle Bookstore Are the Odds Against You?My Profile

  3. Jolyse Barnett  November 21, 2012

    You’re so right. Pretty drinks and shoes are festive, add to a good mood, and good conversation. I’d also add the pretty manicure, and little black dress for the holiday spirit.

    My favorite drink for the winter is spiked apple cider. Apple Cider and whiskey. Yum!
    Jolyse Barnett recently posted..Thankful to Be Living in the MomentMy Profile

  4. Marcia Richards  November 21, 2012

    Ooh, pomegranate! That would be super yummy! If its any consolation, I love stilettos but don’t dare wear them. I’ve broken each ankle twice and will not risk it again. So you and I will dress up our flats or slippers to be as pretty as that shoe. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Marcia Richards recently posted..The Zen of Cocktails and High HeelsMy Profile

  5. Tameri Etherton  November 21, 2012

    Oooh, those shoes are to die for. Unfortunately, with Fankenfoot it would feel like death to wear them. Still, I can admire from afar.

    I still have your apple pie recipe you posted last year around this time. It’s super yum and now I have some cocktails to serve with it. I’m going to try the pomegranate champagne and the blood orange sangria. That is, when I stop giggling over Kitt’s comment and saying, ‘cocktail’ out loud. 😉

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my zen friend!
    Tameri Etherton recently posted..From the Ridiculous to the Sublime, A Year of GratitudeMy Profile

  6. Gloria Richard  November 21, 2012

    The first time I tried Yoga, I couldn’t balance on one foot wearing sneakers (for crumb’s sake). Many hours of core exercises later, I can.

    But, can I do it in those to-die-for shoes? I don’t know. But, if I find them. I’m going to try it out.

    Ah, holidays. I love them. Especially the dynamics this year. Why? Because this year, we’re having The Feast at my step-daughters house, and I didn’t have to prepare and am not now consulting a list of “to prep” items.

    I cleaned out my hard drive yesterday (yes…I was procrastinating) and found Thanksgiving lists from years past. I checked them out, and discovered which year I decided to brine the turkey, which year I added cherry cobbler to the dessert menu…you get the picture.

    The day before and the day of Thanksgiving were divided into time frames. The most amazing thing is that I continue to enjoy spending umpty-ump hours preparing a meal that will be consumed in fifteen minutes. TOPS!

    This year? No over-sized Williams Sonoma apron for me. I plan to get my contributions to the feast prepped this evening so I can put on my party gear. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Marcia.
    Gloria Richard recently posted..NaNoGlobMo…Noodle Noggin Suspends GLOBMy Profile

    • Marcia Richards  November 21, 2012

      Oh Kat what a riot! You and I get a similar vision when saying cocktails. We all can appreciate a great cock…tail. Almost as much as sexy shoes!

    • Marcia Richards  November 21, 2012

      Actually I was doing virtual yoga. Never have tried the real thing. If get all tangled up in myself. You go girl on one foot! You’re a better woman than I. Happy RELAXING Thanksgiving! We’re going to my daughters. So I’m doin a little of the food instead of having a house full of kids for 4 days! Enjoy your holiday!
      Marcia Richards recently posted..The Zen of Cocktails and High HeelsMy Profile

  7. Kitt Crescendo  November 21, 2012

    Marcia, I admit it… I WAS wondering how you were going to relate Zen to alcohol and footwear. Silly, but every time I see the word cocktails I giggle a little. This started when several years ago I came back home to Chicago for a visit and brought my best friend with me. Turns out my birthday and gay days run parallel with the Taste Of Chicago. One of those days we started at The Taste, then at my friend’s request, we went to Boystown (north side of Chicago gay community). He was enthralled with the rainbow street lamps. We headed to our first bar. It’s name? Cock Tails. 🙂 I do enjoy the elegant beauty of a well made cocktail…and a well made shoe. 😉
    Kitt Crescendo recently posted..Muses And A Comedy Of Travel SnafusMy Profile


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