To Parkour Or Not

Last week, I gave you a peek into my newest character, Sloane Reed, a private investigator.

As I said then, she’s no wimpy girlie-girl. She’s soft and light as a powder puff when it serves her and hard and unbending as a brick wall when it’s time to get “the job” done.

Since Sloane is strong-willed, she and I had been fighting over discussing what skills she’d like to have in her arsenal. She was excited with the idea of Tae Bo…until Inion N. Mathair, in her comment, suggested Sloane be an expert at Parkour.

Woman holding a gun.

How persuasive do you think I can be when she’s holding that gun?
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Well, that was the end of that ‘discussion’. I have a feeling Sloane will always get her way. She is now an expert in “l’art du deplacement…the art of moving fluidly through the environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping.” In other words, Parkour.

Last week, Piper Bayard posted a blog called Parkour Right There, offering three videos to give readers an idea just what Parkour is and is not. In her words:

Parkour rocks. Maybe because it’s magic to those of us with bad knees or fear of heights. Maybe it’s because the guys in the parkour movies are ripped and don’t wear their shirts too often. But it’s probably because it takes amazing athleticism.

Piper was so right that it’s like watching magic. The amazing agility, confidence and skill the young men in the videos displayed was awe-inspiring.

And yet, there is no way on earth I’ll ever attempt learning Parkour to live vicariously through Sloane.

You’ll see why when you watch this video, one that Piper posted on her blog.

See if you can imagine Sloane used her Parkour skills when she’s being chased by a vengeful killer. Just see Sloane, an athletic redhead, wrapped in that cloak.


What do you think? Should I swallow my fears and good sense and give this 60-year old body a chance to try Parkour?

Please do click the link above and read all of what Piper had to say about Parkour.

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  1. Inion N. Mathair  January 30, 2013

    Good grief Marcia, we’re not sure who we want to read about more, Sexy & adventerous Sloan or the dare-devil Marcia. lol. Honored you listened to our suggestion Marcia & can’t wait to purchase the book. Sloan sounds hot! Loved the Parkour videos on Pipers site as well as the post.
    Inion N. Mathair recently posted..Beauty of a Woman BlogFestMy Profile

  2. Jolyse Barnett  January 27, 2013

    I’ve seen Parkour, of course, but I didn’t know the name. Thanks for sharing. Sloane sounds like quite the SSS lady. 🙂
    Jolyse Barnett recently posted..Will the Real Bad Guy Please Stand Up?My Profile

  3. Debra Eve  January 24, 2013

    I’ve been in love with parkour since that stunning opening to Casino Royale. What a great skill for a heroine to have and one not done to death! Very unique. In my younger days, I studied Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s martial art. It gets you up and running fast, since it’s oriented toward street fighting. Tae Bo isn’t actually a martial art, it’s a fitness system. You don’t actually spar so you don’t learn how to defend against an opponent. Look into Jeet Kune Do…I think it would be perfect for Sloane.

    Can’t wait to hear more about her!
    Debra Eve recently posted..Late Bloomer, Long Tail 3: Heart WorkMy Profile

    • Marcia Richards  January 25, 2013

      Debra, I would never have guessed you’d be into martial arts! You’re full of surprises! How cool! Tae Bo is marketed as fitness, yes. I haven’t watched a DVD yet to see how much boxing and Tae Kwon Do is used but, since Tae Bo has become so popular Sloane thought she ought to know how to do it. 😉 I will look into Jeet Kune Do. This is the first I’ve heard of it. Thanks so much for the reference! Sloane could combine the defense with the agility and speed to be an awesome opponent. Will keep you posted on her development!

  4. Jess Witkins  January 24, 2013

    I’d never heard of parkour! How cool! I think you should try it. No matter what happens you’ll be better in Sloane’s head, what her efforts require. And then tell us about your experience!
    Jess Witkins recently posted..Countdown to the Oscars: Will Les Mis Stand Les Chance?My Profile

  5. susan troccolo  January 23, 2013

    Hey Marcia, I just checked out a few Parkour videos and I think it is best left to Jason Bourne and Bond! Or that outrageous French guy in the Oceans Eleven movies…btw, have you checked out Ian McEwan latest MI6 spy girl, Serena Fromme? The book is Sweet Tooth. Bet you would like it. Looking forward to reading about your Sloane. Sounds like you are having a ball–go for it!

    • Marcia Richards  January 23, 2013

      Hi Susie! Oooh, that book does sound good! I’ll check it out.
      I am having fun creating her and her fellow characters. The story writing will begin in another week.Good to see you!
      Marcia Richards recently posted..To Parkour Or NotMy Profile

  6. Angela Wallace  January 23, 2013

    Muahaha. Love it. 😀

  7. Tameri Etherton  January 23, 2013

    Parkour is so freaking cool. I have a friend whose son was a champion gymnast for many, many years, then when he got too old to compete he moved to Parkour. Now he’s a stunt man for the movies! I envy what those guys and gals can do ~ it’s like poetry in motion. I’m thinking you might want to stick to watching youtube videos. It wouldn’t do to have you crack your head on a cement wall or twist your ankle. Then Sloane would be laughing at you behind your back and that’s never a good thing. Trust me, I know.

    Sloane sounds like a real kickass heroine. I can’t wait until we can read more about her and her story!
    Tameri Etherton recently posted..You Don’t Need a Tiara to Attend a ConferenceMy Profile

    • Marcia Richards  January 23, 2013

      Oh cool! A stunt person is exactly what I was thinking this training would be great for! I watched all those videos on Piper’s post and it seemed perfect for that job. Doing crazy stunts and staying safe is quite a discipline. To have that much control over your body would be exactly what you said – poetry in motion.

      Yeah, it wouldn’t be good to have my MC laughing at me! I think I’ll keep my feet planted on the ground! 🙂
      Marcia Richards recently posted..To Parkour Or NotMy Profile

  8. renee a schuls-jacobson  January 23, 2013

    My son and a bunch of his buddies just went to our local Parkour course last night! (Check out and look at the videos, etc.) They had a blast, though they made the point that Parkour is mostly NOT what people see on a few famous YouTube videos. It is really a way to find balance and strength and use one’s surroundings to one’s benefit if necessary. It isn’t all about running and jumping off rooftops. I’m assuming you know all this, but I mention it because I know Parkour is kind of hot now, but it has been around for a long time — much in the way yoga has.

    I love the idea of integrating it into a novel. It is like having a superpower, kinda. 😉
    renee a schuls-jacobson recently posted..Not a Tale for ChildrenMy Profile

    • Marcia Richards  January 23, 2013

      It’s good that you mentioned that, Renee, especially for those who are unfamiliar. I went to the Rochester Parkour site and was impressed with the owner and the way they teach people–stressing a balance of nutrition, exercise and community. I was surprised to see two older adults, one in a workshop and a man working one on one with a trainer. I think it could be beneficial for older adults though it could take longer for them to move from level to level. They probably wouldn’t be able to handle all facets of this sport, but would learn what their bodies are capable of.

      I’ll have to suggest this to my step-daughter for my 11 yr old grandson. They live in Greece, NY. 🙂

      A superpower – that’s how I thought of it. For a spy, detective, etc., it would be a skill uncommon to their nemeses and would give them a great advantage!

      Thanks, Renee!
      Marcia Richards recently posted..To Parkour Or NotMy Profile

  9. K.B. Owen  January 23, 2013

    OMG, Marcia, what will you be up to next! Looks like you’re having a blast with your new protag.

    Even though it’s good to get into your character’s mind and world experience, I would recommend against trying Parkour yourself! Jumping on a trampoline would be safer. Sounds like it will be a challenge either way to describe Sloane doing the Parkour thing…one of several reasons why I don’t write sex scenes. I’d giggle like a schoolgirl, and the result would be very sad-looking, LOL.

    Good luck!
    K.B. Owen recently posted..Check out my new page: Women’s SuffrageMy Profile

    • Marcia Richards  January 23, 2013

      Haha, Kathy! I could help you with sex scenes, should you ever need one. I love to write them! Yeah, writing about Parkour will be challenging. I do have a couple of friends whose kids do Parkour, which should help.

      I think I will refrain from being EXACTLY like Sloane. LOL
      Marcia Richards recently posted..To Parkour Or NotMy Profile


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